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It is only fitting that my first blog post is about Soul Cycle, my latest obsession. I have been riding for about two months now and I just can’t get enough. The post below is about my first time.

Most people are often afraid to try something new… they are afraid of change. But when it comes to exercise, I am all about switching things up.

I have tried it ALL: gym memberships, personal gym trainers, kickboxing, Pilates reformer classes, hot yoga classes, strength and conditioning classes, bar method classes, etc. But one of my favorite all time exercises has been cycling/spinning. I never thought I would love it as much as I do.

I have taken spin/cycling classes at different gyms and also at private studios. I love hopping on the bike and spinning the day’s stresses away. And I really loved the classes where the instructor had a kick-ass playlist, with upbeat songs. I loved when the instructor had the whole class dancing on their bikes, spinning to the beat. (Let’s be honest, I love a good dance party… even if exercise is involved.)

Two months ago, I was talking about my love of exercise and spin with a friend of mine, and she told me she goes to Soul Cycle. I am no stranger to Soul Cycle; I’ve read about it and I have seen pictures of celebs leaving the studios, but I have never actually been to a class. I didn’t realize they had a studio on Long Island; I thought they only had studios in the city.

So when I found out about this hidden gem in Roslyn, I couldn’t be more excited. I did some more research on their website and I was pretty certain that these types of cycling classes were going to be up my alley. They are all about the music, the positivity and the sweat! High volume, fast-paced classes would hopefully leave me reenergized and exhausted in the same 45 minutes. I decided it was time to try it out.

Drum roll to my first class…I arrived early to the studio, signed a registration form and I was on my way. They use their own spin shoes, which you can rent or purchase for a nominal fee. But for the first time, they give you the shoes for free. It was definitely an adjustment; I have never spun in anything besides my sneakers. (Next time, I will wear thicker socks.)

Since it was my first time at their studio, one of the instructors helped me set up my bike. I had to “clip in” to the pedals and then I was ready to rock and roll. She explained to me that there are two-pound hand weights behind my seat and that I will be using them half way through my ride. Hmm… interesting.

Jo, the instructor, bounced into the room. Her sunny disposition and positive attitude radiated throughout the entire room. She pumped up the music and totally set the mood. I was excited for the class to begin.

And boy did it begin! She wasted no time getting into the swing of things. The music got louder and the pedals moved faster. Up, down, up, down, faster, slower, pushups, hand weights…it didn’t stop for 45 amazing minutes. It was one of the BEST workouts I have ever had. Between the awesome music and the motivational words from the instructor, I did not want the class to end. I was sweating my tush off, chugging my Smart Water and wondering what was coming up next. But once it was over, I couldn’t wait to sign up for another class.

Even though I am not the skinniest or most fit right now, I want to try everything out there. I want to be able to say, “I tried and it’s awesome and I can’t wait to go back” or “I tried and it wasn’t for me.” I feel you can’t get sick of exercising if you are always trying new things. And just like the quote above says, you never know.

(Side Note: Get your ass to Soul Cycle! It was so much fun and the first class is only $20!)

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  1. The next time I’m out there, I’d LOVE to come to a class! Seems like a really positive place to be.

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