Breakfast with Bentley

It’s around 6:30am when my alarm goes off. I open my eyes to see my boxer, Bentley, carefully cuddled up in the crook of my body, breathing ever so lightly on my arm. I shut off my alarm, careful not to totally disturb his slumber, and turn back over and watch him. His breath is gentle and calm. He stretches out, and then cuddles back in, not ready to take on the day yet. I cuddle up with him, just for a moment longer, and relish in the quietness of the morning. Tiny rays of sunshine try to peek in through the shades, and there have been times where Bentley will snuggle under the fold of the blanket to avoid such light.

Early Morning Bentley



I smile because at that moment, life is simple. There are no worries, there are no thoughts, there is nothing. It’s peaceful. It’s just me and my dog. Under the blankets, cuddled up, enjoying each other’s company…




Bentley Under the Covers




I begin my morning routine: open up the shades, front door, and start my breakfast/coffee. The house is quiet. I notice that Bentley has not followed me out from the bedroom. I walk back to our bedroom and find him cuddled in the blankets.



Bentley Bed2




 He clearly is not a morning person.




As I attempt to make the bed, he scrambles out and trots down the hallway. I hear the pitter-patter of his paws and then hear a soft thump. I know that when I walk into our living room, I will find him on the couch, curled up, just like this:


I often will eat breakfast or drink my coffee in front of the television and he will curl up on my side, resting his head on my lap. This is how our weekday mornings unfold. Bentley Curled

Breakfast with Bentley is my favorite time of day. The world is still sleeping, and for the first couple of breaths of the day, there isn’t a care in the world… It’s just us.