My favorite day!

Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011

As we were driving home from Thanksgiving Dinner… my husband turns to me and goes… “It’s almost your favorite day!” My husband is in charge of our outside decorations and I’m in charge of the inside… and he knows I would’ve decorated two weeks ago if I could.

He knows how much I LOVE everything Christmas: decorating, shopping, hosting cocktail parties, and I am always talking about how I can’t wait.

I was so excited last night (and I also had a late cup of coffee) so I started putting away all my regular home decor, pulled out my holiday boxes and started to decorate my shelves and tables.

Today is THE day. I will put on some Christmas tunes, bring up the tree trimmings, wear my awesome Christmas leggings (super find from Marshalls!) and get down to it!

Happy Decorating! 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!