Five Blizzard Activities for Adults

Blizzard Juno has officially hit Long Island. It is looking pretty dreary out here, the winds are whipping and the snow started around 8am yesterday morning. It doesn’t seem to be tapering off anytime soon.

The Mayor even closed NYC schools (SHOCKING!) and most of the schools and businesses on Long Island are closed. For you lucky ones who just received word that you have a snow day, and not quite sure what to do… check out some fun snow related activities for adults.

Snow Day 2015 - Blizzard Juno

1. Be a rebel. (well… sorta)

I’m not saying go jump in your car and start galavanting around the neighborhood, but why not take a stroll to your nearest diner, pizza or chinese food place? We are fortunate enough to live around the block from all three, and last night, the diner was our only option.

We bundled up, walked to the diner and we had a great hot meal.

Oh yeah, and I didn’t have to cook.

Win-win all around.

2. Be a binge-watcher. 

Now, this usually happens on a regular weekend day, but hell, if it’s snowing, I’ll pop up the Netflix and start binge-watching Orange is the New Black. Or House of Cards. Or Dawson’s Creek (don’t judge me).

3. Be a napper.

This also happens pretty regularly, but with a snow day, it’s definitely happening. After shoveling for the umpteenth time, I am usually dog-tired and ready for the couch. I’ll turn on Netflix, throw on an episode of Friends, and usually by the second episode, I’m sleeping peacefully.

Or until Bentley wakes me up to play in the snow. And by play in the snow I mean pee in the snow.

4. Be a day-drinker.  

Who doesn’t love a little day-drinking? It is one of my favorite things to do. If you happen to live close to your friends (or you are still in college, bless your soul), go grab some drinks, snacks and get together with friends. Nothing says snow day like a fresh mimosa.

No one is driving (travel ban!), everyone is hanging out in sweatshirts and sweatpants, and usually a snowball fight will erupt after a couple of hours.

5. Be a chef. 

VERY rarely will I attempt to cook on snow days. Maybe I will throw a batch of brownies in the oven. But some people love this time to prep meals and slave over the hot stove.

I’ll just be watching from the couch.

Blizzard of 2015

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  1. Hahaha love the “bless your soul” comment. I try to day drink, but it just isn’t the same anymore! I’m usually passed out on the couch by 2pm. 🙂 Happy Snow Day (coming from me, sitting at my desk, working all day long….). Boo.

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