Hollywood… Here I Come?!?!

I have written a bunch of posts, documenting the activities I have taken part in over the years. One of those said activities was Drama Club. I am not quite sure how I even made the play, but I guess I was good enough in elementary school to score a small role in both the 5th and 6th grade plays. My dream of making it to Hollywood was so close… yet so far. One of those plays was Flower Drum Song by Rodgers and Hammerstein. I was cast as Mambo Joe, with a couple of lines and some slick dance moves. I was also part of the dance troupe.

Me as Mambo Joe. Sweet ‘stache.

There were three problems with this:

1. I am not a singer. I am pretty much tone-deaf.

simon cow ell

2. I lose my voice quickly.

voice mermaid

3. I can’t memorize lines.

Friends - Joey - Acting            Friends - Chandler - Acting

Needless to say, my acting career ended before it even started. I remember chugging tea and honey on the way to one of the dress rehearsals because my voice was on the fritz.

“Say goodbye to Hollywood….”

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