Starting Fresh… My 2015 Goals

The new year is the perfect time to start fresh…

Put a blank cassette tape in the radio (I am totally dating myself but I used to make mix tapes.)

Take out a fresh notebook (HomeGoods has a ton of these… totally need to get some.)

Wear an outfit for the first time (I should totally go shopping this weekend.)

So cliche to make resolutions that you can’t keep, right? Every year, I vow to make some serious life changes: diet, exercise, blah, blah blah… I rarely keep these resolutions for longer than a couple of months. I usually get lazy, forget about them, or just decide live a carefree life (YOLO)… and then it hits me again when the frost disappears from the trees.

Crap. I totally said I was going to diet and exercise everyday and now it’s time to wear shorts and tank tops. DAMNITTTTT.

This year I decided to take a different approach. I’m going to set some small goals, some things I would like to accomplish by spring. Maybe I’ll be less of a quitter and more of a winner if I start small.

1 || Wake up early. Ok… try to wake up early is more appropriate. I am fortunate enough to live SUPER close to my job, and I don’t need to wake up very early. My morning routine consists of cuddling with Bentley, eating breakfast and catching up on my TV shows. But I know I could be way more productive if I woke up half an hour, even an hour earlier. And fitness thankswhen I say productive, I mean, getting my ass to the gym. Which leads me to number two…

2 || Exercise four to five times a week. I know what most of you are saying… five times a week? Well, I gave a range for a reason. Some weeks are busier than others, but if I can fit in even four gym sessions a week, I would be happy. I started off this week by attending a Hot Yoga class (which counts!) and I’ve visited the gym two days in a row. If I can get my ass up early enough and hit up the gym, then my routine will be set.

3 || Eating. Starving myself is never an option, I love food too much. But with the help of my personal trainer, I have learned how to eat. Sounds crazy, I know. After testing all those fad diets, I needed something that I could use for the rest of my life. Of course there will be cheat meals sprinkled in here and there, dinners out with friends, bottles of wine, etc. but I know what I need to cut out and what I need to add to shed some pounds. Which leads me to number four…

4 || Cooking. I need to learn to love it. I don’t know if this will ever happen, but I am going to try my best. I told my husband I would like to try one new recipe a week, whether it be from a cookbook or from Pinterest. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to “Recipes to Try”.  (I am always open for suggestions!) Once I try them (and they are yummy and I don’t set the kitchen on fire), I move them over to “Delicious and Successful Recipes”.

5 || Save my money! I have never been any good at this one. But this year, I plan to tackle it head on.

6 || Complete more Pinterest/crafty projects. I caught the craft bug last year and opened up my own Etsy store. It’s been rewarding and I look forward to accomplishing more fun projects!

7 || Read more books. I’ve been an avid reader since I was young. I absolutely love to cuddle in my bed, getting lost in a good book. I am constantly adding new titles to my Goodreads profile, and I have been trying to check them off one by one. (I just read a fantastic book, “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson, who is also a fellow blogger! Check out her blog here.) 

8 || Be a consistent blogger. I came out of the gates strong, but within the past month, totally hit a wall. I was so busy with work, holidays, and my Etsy store, that I neglected blogging. Well, it’s a new year and I plan to get back on track.

What are some of your goals for this year? 

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  1. Good Luck on your attempts. On cooking: If you are looking for a quick and easy delish dish, you might like my Tuna Melt on Spiced Peach Blog today!

  2. I’m trying to make a better balance between blogging and exercising when my kids are in school. Good luck with your goals!

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