But First… A Mug Swap!

I participated in my first Mug Swap from Kallie at But First, Coffee this week! I was unsure what to expect, as this was my first time, but nonetheless I was up for something new! I love chatting with bloggers from all over the country and I was paired up with a true Texan (by way of Germany). 

I was so excited to be paired up with April from Overextended April. We exchanged emails and I learned so much about her, Texas and how to get back into running! I love reading her blog because she is just as sarcastic as I am! She shares her fitness tips, recipes and ramblings. She sent me the above treats and Bentley was excited to be included in the swap!

Thanks again to Kallie for organizing a great event and April for answering all my running questions! 🙂

6 thoughts on “But First… A Mug Swap!

  1. Sarcastic? moi? haha! I try to blog as I talk, so yes…it comes out 🙂 thanks for the love!! and my new favorite tea mug!

  2. Sarcastic? moi? haha! Yep, can’t help but write how I talk because I’d be a complete bore if I faked it 🙂
    Thanks for the love!! and my new favorite mug for my nightly tea!

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