Introducing… LAMBO!

Introducing the newest addition to our family: Lamborghini (Lambo for short)


He is an adorable, 4 month old Bull Puggle puppy.  Lambo loves to play with all of his toys, run around the backyard and roll around in the dirt. We have our hands full… that’s for sure!

Bentley and Lambo are slowly becoming best buds!

Bentley Lambo


Do you have more than one dog? What was your experience like when you brought another dog into the house? I would love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Introducing… LAMBO!

  1. He’s way too cute! We almost got a second dog a couple months ago, but it’s already going to cost about $2,000 to fly our current dog to Japan when we PCS. We’d rather not have to fly two dogs haha

    1. $2,000!? That’s crazy expensive! Two dogs are definitely a handful, especially the puppy but he is too damn cute.

  2. Look at that sweet face!!! He is so adorable! We have two boy dogs, and they are such mommy’s boys. It took a while for Cooper to get adjusted to his new little brother (some nights left me crying because I thought we had made the wrong decision bringing another dog into the house. Cooper didn’t do well at all at first), but now we couldn’t imagine our life without both our boys. I hope Bentley warmed up right away to his little brother, but don’t freak out if he doesn’t. Sometimes it just takes time.

    1. That makes me feel so much better! They are doing well so far… Mornings are tough because they have a ton of energy, but I believe they are becoming fast friends 🙂
      How old was Cooper when you brought home your puppy?

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