Chewy Welcomes Lambo to the Family!


I came home for lunch this afternoon and a big box from was on my doorstep! There was a card attached to the box. The card read: Congratulations on your new fur baby!

What a surprise! I was not expecting this at all! I quickly opened up the box and found all these amazing treats and toys for our newest addition, Lambo! The blogging team at Chewy didn’t forget Bentley; they threw in a big bag of treats for his big brother.

Chewy Welcome Basket


HOW THOUGHTFUL?  Lambo and Bentley were beyond excited… it was like Christmas morning… they couldn’t wait to get their paws on the toys and treats!

They included some Nylabone bones and toys as well as Blue Buffalo puppy treats for Lambo. They know that Bentley drools over the Blue Wilderness Trail Treats, so they threw in a bag of the duck flavored ones. Bentley was very excited to be included. Also pictured above is some really cool Chewy swag (water bottle, mouse pad, backpack, coozie, pen, and sunglasses).

When a brand approaches you to collaborate, sometimes you aren’t sure what to expect. Will they just shove products in our direction for review? Will they share our words with their social media audience? Will they respond to questions? Will they read my blog?

Chewy is the type of brand a blogger wants to work with. After the first few emails with Catherine from Chewy Blogger Outreach, I could tell that they not only cared about my blog and how I would share my content, but they also cared about my pet. The blogging relations team did their research. They read my blog. They followed me on social media. They asked how Bentley was doing.  They weren’t about pushing random products, they wanted us to try and test ones that would work with our family. They were excited to hear we added another puppy to the mix. As a result, I have two very happy dogs.

I am so honored to be able to work with the great people at A special shout out to Catherine for putting together this amazing welcome basket for Lambo (and for thinking of Bentley!).

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  1. Well, my seventeen year old Portuguese Water Dog is now in heaven but these Chewy products look so adorable!!! A nice collection for man’s best friend! Have fun!

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