My Morning Ritual (#coffeemyway)

The whole idea behind my blog, Breakfast with Bentley, is to capture and treasure those special moments in life, whether it be the quiet time in the morning or a great recipe you perfected, a gift idea for a friend, or even advice to a future bride. Blogging is my way of sharing experiences, memories and ideas with my friends, family and the world.

When Wayfair (the home décor website with the catchy commercials!) reached out to me and asked me to share my morning ritual, I jumped on the chance. Rituals are a part of what makes us unique and part of what makes us special. I couldn’t agree more. These moments, how mighty small they may be, are important to cherish.


I love the morning because I like waking up early, while the world is still sleeping. I like to tip-toe around the house, making sure not to wake our two pups. I like to turn on our Keurig (or sometimes I will program it), and I like to pull a K-cup out of the carousel, choosing a different one each time.


I have a vast mug collection, and I choose one carefully. I want each mug to have their own turn. I like to watch the coffee brew and take in the smell while the dogs snore softly in the other room.  I like to sit in the nook of the couch, feet up on the ottoman, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, catching up on the news or the latest television episode. I know I am fortunate to have this time to myself, to catch up on my thoughts and my life. I know it won’t stay this way forever, but I cherish these moments.


When the sun is rising and the birds are chirping and my day has not yet begun… this is #coffeemyway.


What is your morning ritual?

Share it in the comment section below! 

20 thoughts on “My Morning Ritual (#coffeemyway)

      1. Ohhhhh I haven’t tried the Starbucks one, but I love the regular breakfast blend one!!! We have them at work, and there’s so many options that I never try!

  1. This used to be exactly how I enjoyed my mornings. With our seven-month-old, it’s a little difficult to wake before he does, but I honestly enjoy doing my morning routine with him. His smile is the best thing to wake up to.

    1. I would totally be sleeping in if I had a child too! 🙂 how nice is it to add him to your routine! I’m sure he loves his time with his mommy!!

  2. you just described the best 3minutes of my weekend mornings when the only thing awake is me and my Keurig while he (his name is Cappie) makes the nectar of the gods for me.

    French roast with cinnamon creamer.

  3. I wish that I had more of a morning ritual! Yours sounds so relaxed and mindful, I love it. I always walk my dog first thing, or go to the gym, or sleep in…haha every day is different 🙂

    1. I probably will start to change it up as the weather gets nicer and our puppy gets older. Thanks for stopping by!

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