Do the Hustle: Why I Have Been MIA from the Blogging World


Lately, I’ve been MIA from the blogging world.

I opened an Etsy Shop a little over a year ago as a side venture. My friends were getting married and I started making them wedding ornaments. They loved them and started to tell their friends, who wanted to purchase one for their friend, etc. I opened up my Etsy store a year later and the rest is history. Since I sell mostly wedding invitation ornaments and Christmas is four months away (yup, I said it!), the orders are increasing week after week. Orders have been flying in and I spend most nights creating beautiful ornaments for brides-to-be.

My creative wheels have been turning and I’ve come up with other products to sell. A friend, who owns a local design shop, picked up some of these items to sell in her store! (More on that in a future post).

I’m excited about these new ventures; I would love to own my own business one day. My father has owned his business for over 30 years, so I have always had the entrepreneurial bug in me. Who knows what the future will hold for me, but this side gig is pretty sweet right now.

Do you own your own business?

What advice can you give for someone who is looking to start their own business?

8 thoughts on “Do the Hustle: Why I Have Been MIA from the Blogging World

  1. That’s so exciting!! I’m so glad everything is working out well for you! I ran a small wedding photography business back in college and loved it. It was a lot of work, but I always enjoyed it and loved meeting new couples and being a part of their special day. I’d love to be a business owner again at some point.

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