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I am so excited I just can’t hide it! 

Scout Design Shop

Scout Design Shop, located in Long Beach, New York, has picked up MY elastic hair ties! Sarah, the owner, creates stunning wedding invitations and also hosts monthly craft nights. There is also a retail side; she carries the cutest gift ideas, the most beautiful greeting cards, gorgeous planners and other every day essentials. And now she carries my elastic hair ties! HOW EXCITING!? I plan on creating a couple of other products for her to carry in her store and I am beyond stoked!

Click the link above to see more and stop by today!

elastic hair ties

And while you are stopping by, don’t forget to grab a pack or two! These hair ties are perfect for yoga, running, and everyday wear. They won’t crease your hair or your wrist. These ties look great as a bracelet, too! Stack them and never go without a hair tie again!

The elastic hair ties are a great gift for friends and family. I also make custom sets for bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, high school sports teams, charity events, fundraisers, etc.

Check out my Etsy page for more ideas or contact me at today! 

Great for bachelorette parties, high school sports teams, fundraisers, etc.


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