Bentley’s Corner: Dogs + Halloween


I know what you are thinking.

OMG. It’s only September. Why are you talking about Halloween right now?! 

If you haven’t noticed, the stores are already celebrating Halloween with a large array of candy and costume selections. Just walking past the displays gives me anxiety. Should I start buying candy now? Is this a good price for 100 pieces of mixed candies? Do I need a costume? UGH. The decisions.

More importantly, should we dress up our dogs this Halloween?

Baxter Ron Burgundy

We dressed up Bentley ONCE and it was hysterical. He was “Baxter” from the movie, The Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. My husband was Ron Burgundy. I was a bumble bee.

Bentley lasted in that costume for about an hour. He would just stand or sit and look at us with his puppy dog eyes and his floppy ears. He looked so cute on the outside, but I just know he was cursing us under his doggy breath. After an hour, I had to take him out of it.

When attempting to shoot a Christmas card picture, I had the bright idea of putting antlers on his head and sit him near the Christmas tree. He was not happy with my choice of head gear and never even made it near the Christmas tree. He is now traumatized and will not go near the thing. Oh well. The price we pay for a good photo.

My plan is to distract him by feeding him these Blue Buffalo Halloween Boo Bars (Pumpkin & Cinnamon flavor) in the hopes he will give in and let me dress him up in something cute and simple. He has already had a couple (just like everyone else, he loves pumpkin flavored everything!), and loves them. Maybe he just loves food. Either way, he has been chowing down on these treats since Chewy sent them over. I plan on using this as a distraction tool.

Boo Bars


Do you dress up your pets for Halloween? What kind of costumes do you usually dress them in? Leave your stories in the comments! 


*Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Chewy. All advice and opinions expressed are Bentley’s and Lambo’s.*

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  1. My favorite holiday! My dog used to hate when I tried to dress him up. Making a German Shepherd angry was not an option! Funny, I have seen Christmas stuff out already in stores!

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