5 Gifts for the Dog Lovers in Your Life

If you are new to this blog, let me tell you something now: I’m a dog lover. I have two dogs, Bentley and Lambo, and they are in my squad. The three of us are inseparable, and the early morning and late night snuggle sessions are some of my favorite times. That being said, I love any type of present that shows how much I adore my pets.

If you know someone like me, or you are like me (hoooray! maybe our dogs can be besties?!), check out my gift guide for dog lovers. I plan on putting one or two of these on my Christmas list this year. They make great gifts year-round, but since Christmas is around the corner, why not pick up one of these today?


“I Just Want to Hangout With My Dog” T-Shirt: My girl Taylor, over at The Daily Tay, created these amazing shirts and sells them via her Etsy store. 20% of the profits of this shirt go back to the pups. I just bought one and she provided lighting fast shipping! The shirt is comfy and I wear it to… duh… hangout with my dogs.

Personalized Coffee Mug – My mug swap partner, Elyse, sent this to me last month and I literally cried. This is the BEST gift ever! The Etsy shop has a ton of different types of pet mugs to choose from and you can personalize almost all of them!

Dog Lover Ornament – Shameless self promotion plug, but I created these adorable ornaments for a charity gift basket and now they are flying like hotcakes! This ornament is full of heart-warming quotes about dogs. I can also personalize the tag with the name of your pet! Check out my Etsy shop for more information!

Canvas Photo – Groupon is always having these great deals on canvas photos (we bought all of our wedding canvas photos through Groupon!) and what better way to capture the dog lovers heart than to give them a canvas photo of their dog(s). If they aren’t running any deals, check out Canvas on Demand – they usually have great prices and quality canvas prints.

Dog Print Scarf – Scarves are the perfect cold weather accessory and this would be the perfect addition to my collection! I found this website the other day and love her products. I also like that a portion of the proceeds are donated to support the efforts of numerous shelters located in the United States.

What gifts do you suggest for the dog lover? Leave your ideas in the comments! 

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