Lunch with Lambo: A New Blog Series!

At the end of March, it will be one year since we brought Lambo home.

Lambo 2015

Looking back, my friends and family thought we were crazy for bringing another dog into our home. Now, I couldn’t imagine our lives without this little guy. His spunk and sass give all of us a run for our money and he makes us laugh more and more everyday. Bentley takes care of him as any older sibling would and together they make quite the duo.

Lunch with Lambo, the new blog series, will focus on the dogs and the people who love and take care of them. Bentley and Lambo love to make new friends and hope to add some more pals to their dog squad. I love talking to other dog owners about our mutual love for these pets, as well as tips and tricks. We are open to any type of collaboration, as long as it fits with our aesthetic. If you prefer to be interviewed, we can arrange that as well! Either way, there will be lots of social media love!

If you and your pup(s) would like to be featured, contact me at: 

Bentley and Lambo

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