12 Ways Having a Dog Has Changed Me: Guest Post by Erin Cusack

I invited Erin, from the Erin Cusack Blog, as our first guest post on Lunch with Lambo! She’s here to talk about the ways in which her dog has changed her life. She loves her dog, Jax, as much as I love my two pups, and it was great to hear another dog owner’s perspective.

Erin and Jax – welcome to our dog squad!

Hi, I’m Erin! I’m an internet marketer by day, blogger and bad-ass by night. Erin Cusack Blog is where you will find my ramblings and unsolicited advice on everything from enhancing your career, to starting a blog, to finding your bliss. I love trying new things and figuring them out as I go- and then telling everyone else how to do them faster and better. You can also find me on Twitter, where I share my thoughts on the daily struggles of adulting.

Erin and Jax

I’ve always liked dogs, but I never understood why people were obsessed with their dogs, referring to them as their furbaby and throwing them birthday parties and stuff. It was a little weird to me. Until last year, when my boyfriend, Dan, and I decided to get a dog. We did months of research- I wanted to make sure with 100% certainty that we were setting ourselves, and our future dog, up for success. I had family dogs growing up, and Dan’s Mom had a dog when he was very young, but we were definitely inexperienced dog owners. After finally agreeing on a breed- Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and a name- Jax, we picked up our little boy from an Amish farm last April. And my life has changed in so many ways since.

  1. Waking up sucks less. Jax is the snuggliest little nugget in the morning. He talks, he gives kisses, he does all kind of cute things. It’s a lovely way to wake up.
  2. I hang out at the dog park, and I love it. I want to shout it out to everyone I know- if you’re ever in a bad mood you just can’t kick, go to the dog park, it’s probably the happiest place on earth.
  3. Milestones are equally happy and sad. Birthdays, puppy school graduation, finally learning how to fetch correctly- I’m so happy my little boy is growing up and learning, but sad at the same time because I want him to be little forever.
  4. I enjoy the great outdoors more. Dogs need to be walked so of course, going outside more was inevitable, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it. I live in Pennsylvania and I don’t like the cold and was not looking forward to winter time walking. But it turns out, if you dress appropriately and wear gloves, the cold is mostly bearable. As much as I don’t want to walk sometimes, I could count the number of walks I’ve hated on one hand.
  5. I care more about someone else’s bodily functions than I ever thought possible. Did he pee? Did he poop? Omg he coughed! Was that a burp? Is he going to barf? Why did he barf? These are all very important things.
  6. Watching my boyfriend as a “dad” makes me love him more. As much as typing that out makes me want to barf (I’m so not romantic like that), it’s true. Ok, that’s enough, moving on.
  7. No matter what fun thing I’ve been out doing, I absolutely love coming home. There is nothing like walking in the door and being greeted by someone who is so happy to see you every, single, time. I love walking up our front steps and seeing a little doggie head shaped shadow with pointy ears pressed up against the curtains- there is nothing more inviting than a little wiggly pup greeting.
  8. I understand why having a sick child is the worst feeling ever. Six weeks after we got Jax, my boyfriend went away for 10 days on business. Day 1, Jax got into a box of Raisin Bran (raisins = grapes = no good for puppy).  Twenty-four hours of IV treatment and $700 later, I decided I am never having real children.
  9. I have a whole new respect for dogs and animals in general. There is no way you can tell me that dogs don’t feel emotions or understand what’s going on around them. Our little Jaxy is probably smarter than most (don’t all dog owners say that), but he KNOWS. He knows when we’re leaving, he knows when we’re mad at him, he knows when we’re proud of him, and sometimes I swear he knows what we’re saying.
  10. I never feel home alone. My boyfriend travels for work sometimes, and I used to hate it. I would get nervous and anxious leading up to it. It was too quiet, I felt alone. Not anymore. It’s not weird to talk to yourself when you have a dog listening, right?
  11. I worry more. I’ve always been a worrier. If a co-worker is late to work, I automatically assume they were in a terrible accident and I start checking the traffic reports. HA. Leaving the house has become a battle of making sure doors are locked and anything remotely hazardous has been put away (even though I’m pretty sure Jax just sleeps when we’re gone).
  12. I understand love on a deeper level. I don’t think this requires any more explaining to parents of animals or children. I love my dog.

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