One Proud Dog Mama

I am extremely grateful for these two pups in my life.

I do not have children (yet), but I care and love these two as if they were my own blood. I care if they are sick or hurt, I need to make sure they are fed the proper food and get the proper care. They make me smile after a long day and make me laugh when I need it. They cuddle with me at night and keep me warm when I’m not feeling well.

Are they a pain in the ass sometimes? Absolutely. There are times when I wish my husband and I could just get up and go – on vacation, on an overnight trip, etc. but when you have dogs, you must make a plan and make sure you have all the details sorted out before you go away.

When we first brought Bentley home, I wasn’t positive I would be cut out to be a dog parent. As the years go by, and with the addition of Lambo, I can’t picture my life without these two dogs in my life. My husband and I love our family, and eventually we will add a kid or two to the mix, but for now, these two dogs are my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those dog mama’s out there!

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*Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Chewy. All advice and opinions expressed are Bentley’s and Lambo’s.*