Sunday Morning Breakfast

*Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Chewy. All advice and opinions expressed are Bentley’s and Lambo’s.*

On Sundays, my husband loves to go to the local deli and pick up some breakfast sandwiches for the two of us. Lately, he has been getting a third, solely for the dogs. We read online that eggs are great for the dogs coat, so we have been splitting a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich between Bentley and Lambo. It’s nice to have a “family” breakfast and the dogs always wait patiently for the next bite of “their” sandwich.

Ideal Balance Breakfast Medleys

When Chewy contacted us to try the Hills Ideal Balance Breakfast Medleys with Country Chicken and Egg, we just couldn’t resist. Everyone needs a boost in the mornings and our dogs are no different. Breakfast Medleys are tasty, soft, waffle-shaped breakfast treats for your dog so he can enjoy a great snack as he starts his day.

Sunday morning

As you can see from the photo above, my two dogs were off to a great start to their Sunday. While we ate our breakfast, they each had a treat of their own, which they enjoyed tremendously. They were full and decided a mid-morning nap was necessary!

Now, it is not just a Sunday thing; I reward them in the morning with this waffle-shaped treat. It’s a win-win for us all!