We love our Chewy family! 

Chewy is known for its customer service and high quality products. But what you didn’t know is that they have a fantastic blogger outreach program.

I have been working with them since the blog’s inception and they have been nothing short of fantastic.
Recently, they started to send out these cute little holiday packages to their bloggers, as a way to say, “Thank you”.

How thoughtful! The cookies were DELICIOUS!

I mean… how adorable? My husband loves these mugs!

To find more about Chewy, click here.

Find Your Perfect Breed

I wish when we were starting puppy search, I knew about PuppySpot. The website has great information on all types of dog breeds, as well as puppies who are searching for their new home! If we didn’t already have two dogs (and a baby on the way!), I’d highly consider taking one of these adorable guys home!

They created a fun flowchart linking different personality traits in people, to their most compatible breeds! Of course, all puppies are adorable, but it’s important to make sure your lifestyle fits your dog’s specific breed. 🙂


Check out their Puppies for Sale page! You will want to take one home yourself!