We love our Chewy family! 

Chewy is known for its customer service and high quality products. But what you didn’t know is that they have a fantastic blogger outreach program.

I have been working with them since the blog’s inception and they have been nothing short of fantastic.
Recently, they started to send out these cute little holiday packages to their bloggers, as a way to say, “Thank you”.

How thoughtful! The cookies were DELICIOUS!

I mean… how adorable? My husband loves these mugs!

To find more about Chewy, click here.

Happy ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary to ME!


Source: giphy.com
Source: giphy.com

ONE YEAR ago today… I wrote about my first, fantastic Soul Cycle class.  I was nervous, excited and anxious about putting my words out there for the world to see.

But something happened along the way…

I stuck with it.

I posted multiple times a week (sometimes every day!). I connected with other bloggers around the world. I researched. I read A LOT. I participated in Twitter chats, learned the lingo and applied different pieces to my blog. I learned so much from many intelligent and creative people around the world. I was lucky to connect with great brands and talented bloggers along the way.

I partnered up with great brands like Chewy, Minted and Wayfair.

I was featured on BlogHer… not once, but twice! (Read here and here.)

I am very proud of this little piece of my world. I have worked hard and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent making this blog a reality.

My blog is only a year old, and it is still a work in progress. I have so many ideas and while sometimes I jump from topic to topic, I know that eventually all the pieces will fall into place.

A huge thank you to my family and friends who have read and shared all my posts. Thank you to my blogging friends who have inspired me to become a better writer and challenge me on a daily basis. Thank you to Bentley (and our new addition, Lambo!) for inspiring me every morning. Last but certainly not least, thank you to my husband who has supported my vision from the start.

Cheers to many more!

On the Move!

Who doesn’t love a makeover?! Breakfast with Bentley is getting one later this week! We are so excited for a fresh, clean look and can’t wait to share some great, new content with you. Thank you to Kelly from The Lady Errant for all of your help and your genius design skills! I can’t wait for you all to see our new look!

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Kristine and Bentley

But First… A Mug Swap!

I participated in my first Mug Swap from Kallie at But First, Coffee this week! I was unsure what to expect, as this was my first time, but nonetheless I was up for something new! I love chatting with bloggers from all over the country and I was paired up with a true Texan (by way of Germany). 

I was so excited to be paired up with April from Overextended April. We exchanged emails and I learned so much about her, Texas and how to get back into running! I love reading her blog because she is just as sarcastic as I am! She shares her fitness tips, recipes and ramblings. She sent me the above treats and Bentley was excited to be included in the swap!

Thanks again to Kallie for organizing a great event and April for answering all my running questions! 🙂